Reckless Kelly (shiningstar55) wrote in whats_that_song,
Reckless Kelly

Nobody on the phone?

I heard a song at Victoria's Secret the other day and thought I caught enough of the lyrics to be able to Google it, but apparently I did not.  I also heard this song being played at a concert between acts (the concert was Washed Out in Louisville, in case that makes any difference).  The lyrics I THOUGHT were right were: "when she's alone she puts her music on," and then the chorus sounded like "there's nobody on the phone, nobody on the phone."  There was definitely something about "nine to five" and possibly a coffee house reference.  The song had an indie rock/pop feel to it, kind of electronic or disco-ish, if that makes sense.  I've tried Victoria's Secret playlists on Spotify and about a million ways of searching, so any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Somehow I must have found the right combo of words to Google, because I found it!  It's Mayer Hawthorne, Her Favorite Song.
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