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Long shot in hell, it's not Jane Jensen and it's not Poe

There is a pop rock singer, I thought was from the 90s but must be from early 2000/2001 with a pink cd cover with something covering her right eye?

Okay, I'll ramble some more..... She is blonde, she is pop rock sort of and was played on a rock station, as far as I remember, or an alternative rock station! NOT a pop station. Definitely and absolutely a SOLO singer, not in a group or band. The cd was pink I believe, I think it was a collage or mishmash of images, possibly-- but it was pink in some way. She either was on the cover, or there may have been a star on the cover or BOTH.

KEY POINT However, the BIGGEST part I remember is there was something covering her right eye, I believe and at that time in the past I remember it looked like a tarantula (that is what I ALWAYS thought it was but I think at one point I looked closer and realized it was not that but I don't 100% remember WHAT it was) but it may have been two stars imposed onto each other in a weird way but SOMETHING was covering her right eye. This may have been also on the inside cover, not on the front cover BUT I believe it was on the front. She had a song about her father but that is pretty vague because so many female artists sing songs about their fathers. I remember purchasing her CD from BMG or something though (the company where you bought CDs like magazine subscriptions?! or something).

The biggest problem is I cannot find any artist remotely resembling her on any list of anyone in the 90s, so she must have been in the beginning of 2000/2001. She obviously was not popular, so how would I go about finding her, is the major problem, if she'd not be on a list of 'popular artists'? She was not a "one hit wonder" as far as I know either. I remember none of her titles. Is there no where I could maybe search for images of all female rock pop singers, alternative singers or female rock singers from 2000-2001? I've exhausted the 90s as far as I can tell!

HELP? This is driving me insane and has been for the last I don't even know how many years now!!


And, someone REALLY close but NOT her is Jane Jensen and the song titles are very similar style wise that I remember this girl having and I swear they almost look the same but it's been what 12-13 years, so my memory of this girl's face is probably WAY off!! Some people have also suggested Poe and it's NOT Poe!
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