Trigger Happy (teezmepeaz) wrote in whats_that_song,
Trigger Happy

Hopefully this is okay. If not someone point me in that direction.


I heard a song on the way home from phoenix on one of their local stations. From what I remember the song went

"and she grabbed the pole and she licked her lips" yes I know. I also remember a part that went something like " She wanted to remain a virgin till marriage but i don't see that happening" or something like that.

It was on I think an alternative rock station although im not sure. I KNOW it wasn't rap. I also know it wasn't escape the fate.

ANY help would be great. I also know it was number 3 or 4 on the countdown list. However, EVERY website I have checked that is a rock station here in Arizona some of them don't post their countdown lists frustrating.
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