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time is all she has to kill

Trying to find a few songs

First: What song is played during the newish AT&T ad for the Samsung and their wide coverage? The only specific thing I remember is that the ad focused on how awesome AT&T's coverage is and advertised a Samsung phone of some kind, and that the main image in it was a sort of orange-gold cloth--people running down a beach with a big banner of it, and...actually that's about all I can remember. No idea what song plays during it, because I can't find the ad itself anywhere online and can never catch enough of the lyrics to look them up.
ragingquietly found it! The ad is here and the song is by Nick Drake.

Second, another ad: Lincoln supposedly lists all their songs on their website, along with download links for the songs featured in said ads, but there's a new one...for the 2011 MKS, I believe (anyway I know it was the Lincoln MKS, and it wasn't any of the 2010 spots), and it's not on the website and I can't find it on Youtube. It's also not Shiny Toy Guns' "Burnin' For You" on the EcoBoost commercial; I'm 99% certain it was for a brand-new 2011 MKS. And I don't remember anything about the song because I haven't seen the ad in a while. >_<

Finally: I've heard this song a couple times on the radio but no one at the station ever said the name of the song or singer, and I thought I remembered enough of the lyrics to Google them, but nothing came up that looked right. It's a female singer, I think there's a steel guitar in the background of all or part of the song, and the lyrics I can remember go something like "I'm an acrobat, let me show you what these legs can do" and there's something about bending instead of breaking, I think...? I suspect it's by a fairly obscure singer since Googling the lyrics didn't help me any and it was on a college radio station. Sound familiar to anyone?
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