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Nobody on the phone? [02 Dec 2013|04:23pm]

I heard a song at Victoria's Secret the other day and thought I caught enough of the lyrics to be able to Google it, but apparently I did not.  I also heard this song being played at a concert between acts (the concert was Washed Out in Louisville, in case that makes any difference).  The lyrics I THOUGHT were right were: "when she's alone she puts her music on," and then the chorus sounded like "there's nobody on the phone, nobody on the phone."  There was definitely something about "nine to five" and possibly a coffee house reference.  The song had an indie rock/pop feel to it, kind of electronic or disco-ish, if that makes sense.  I've tried Victoria's Secret playlists on Spotify and about a million ways of searching, so any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Somehow I must have found the right combo of words to Google, because I found it!  It's Mayer Hawthorne, Her Favorite Song.
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Long shot in hell, it's not Jane Jensen and it's not Poe [02 Dec 2013|12:02am]

There is a pop rock singer, I thought was from the 90s but must be from early 2000/2001 with a pink cd cover with something covering her right eye?

Okay, I'll ramble some more..... She is blonde, she is pop rock sort of and was played on a rock station, as far as I remember, or an alternative rock station! NOT a pop station. Definitely and absolutely a SOLO singer, not in a group or band. The cd was pink I believe, I think it was a collage or mishmash of images, possibly-- but it was pink in some way. She either was on the cover, or there may have been a star on the cover or BOTH.

KEY POINT However, the BIGGEST part I remember is there was something covering her right eye, I believe and at that time in the past I remember it looked like a tarantula (that is what I ALWAYS thought it was but I think at one point I looked closer and realized it was not that but I don't 100% remember WHAT it was) but it may have been two stars imposed onto each other in a weird way but SOMETHING was covering her right eye. This may have been also on the inside cover, not on the front cover BUT I believe it was on the front. She had a song about her father but that is pretty vague because so many female artists sing songs about their fathers. I remember purchasing her CD from BMG or something though (the company where you bought CDs like magazine subscriptions?! or something).

The biggest problem is I cannot find any artist remotely resembling her on any list of anyone in the 90s, so she must have been in the beginning of 2000/2001. She obviously was not popular, so how would I go about finding her, is the major problem, if she'd not be on a list of 'popular artists'? She was not a "one hit wonder" as far as I know either. I remember none of her titles. Is there no where I could maybe search for images of all female rock pop singers, alternative singers or female rock singers from 2000-2001? I've exhausted the 90s as far as I can tell!

HELP? This is driving me insane and has been for the last I don't even know how many years now!!


And, someone REALLY close but NOT her is Jane Jensen and the song titles are very similar style wise that I remember this girl having and I swear they almost look the same but it's been what 12-13 years, so my memory of this girl's face is probably WAY off!! Some people have also suggested Poe and it's NOT Poe!
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[27 Aug 2012|08:21pm]

This a new song with me going ham straight trough the whole beat. The instrumental is a fire mainstream type track made by Low Profile. Please subscribe to my youtube I also have 11 rap battles on my channel against opponents like Uno Lavoz, Screem, Lexx Luther, and many more!!
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What's the song - video [27 Aug 2012|04:57pm]

Does anyone know the music video in which a man dressed in white suit is trying to push a boat into the water? Also, he looks like Dave Gahan from DM
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Free download
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DARK VOICE OF ANGELIQUE - DOT [16 Jun 2012|11:30pm]

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song samplling beach boys? [03 Jun 2012|08:17pm]

does anyone know of a song that samples "please let me wonder" by beach boys? it's used in this video at 1:45. thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs3QYPamjqg&feature=related
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[20 Sep 2011|11:47pm]

My friend was listening to a song in Arabic or Urdu... I feel so ignorant for not knowing which,ugh.A guy and a girl were singing,but it was mainly a guy.Apparntly the lyrics are really cheesy,lol and the name in English(I assumed she translated for my benefit) is I Made A Million (thousand?)Bows...It 's driving me crazy trying to find it!
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[11 Feb 2011|08:44pm]

My dad has been trying to identify this song he heard circa 1981-ish that has the following lyrics:

Doctor,doctor, Help me please, I know you'll understand..
(unknown segment) self-destructing man.
Wait!Hold on! Stay in control.
Girl, I want to be with you,
(unknown segment)
and there's a little bitty man in my head...
(unknown segment)
Paranoia will desroy ya!
Here we go, Here it goes!
(unknown segment)
Paranoia will desroy ya!

If anyone could help I'd be much obliged!
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гороскоп на январь 2011 рыбы [02 Feb 2011|11:45pm]

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[21 Sep 2010|12:46am]

 Theres a song wiht a guy who's not David Bowie but was popular the same time ish. There was a video where they painted a red smiley face. And the guy was blonde. Help?

Forgot it was Bon Jovi
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[20 Aug 2010|07:34pm]

Does anyone know who sings this song?


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Slow Motion Reunion Song [14 Aug 2010|11:17pm]

You know that cliche scene in cartoons and movies when two people are reuniting in a field.  They run in slow motion towards each other with open arms.  What is that song?
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[12 Aug 2010|11:16pm]

the song in this video:

the lyrics go like

good fellow, good fellow
you control, you control
you control because you think you should
and if any single person were to speak your middle name
you would expose
my good fellow whoa
don't you know, don't you know
you could be my lover if you would
don't you know, don't you know
if you come and go misunderstood

something like that! any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT!! figured it out. it's by zoe kravitz' band elevator fight, called "little ghost" :)
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[16 Jul 2010|08:55pm]


Hopefully this is okay. If not someone point me in that direction.


I heard a song on the way home from phoenix on one of their local stations. From what I remember the song went

"and she grabbed the pole and she licked her lips" yes I know. I also remember a part that went something like " She wanted to remain a virgin till marriage but i don't see that happening" or something like that.

It was on I think an alternative rock station although im not sure. I KNOW it wasn't rap. I also know it wasn't escape the fate.

ANY help would be great. I also know it was number 3 or 4 on the countdown list. However, EVERY website I have checked that is a rock station here in Arizona some of them don't post their countdown lists frustrating.
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Trying to find a few songs [04 Jun 2010|02:05pm]

First: What song is played during the newish AT&T ad for the Samsung and their wide coverage? The only specific thing I remember is that the ad focused on how awesome AT&T's coverage is and advertised a Samsung phone of some kind, and that the main image in it was a sort of orange-gold cloth--people running down a beach with a big banner of it, and...actually that's about all I can remember. No idea what song plays during it, because I can't find the ad itself anywhere online and can never catch enough of the lyrics to look them up.
ragingquietly found it! The ad is here and the song is by Nick Drake.

Second, another ad: Lincoln supposedly lists all their songs on their website, along with download links for the songs featured in said ads, but there's a new one...for the 2011 MKS, I believe (anyway I know it was the Lincoln MKS, and it wasn't any of the 2010 spots), and it's not on the website and I can't find it on Youtube. It's also not Shiny Toy Guns' "Burnin' For You" on the EcoBoost commercial; I'm 99% certain it was for a brand-new 2011 MKS. And I don't remember anything about the song because I haven't seen the ad in a while. >_<

Finally: I've heard this song a couple times on the radio but no one at the station ever said the name of the song or singer, and I thought I remembered enough of the lyrics to Google them, but nothing came up that looked right. It's a female singer, I think there's a steel guitar in the background of all or part of the song, and the lyrics I can remember go something like "I'm an acrobat, let me show you what these legs can do" and there's something about bending instead of breaking, I think...? I suspect it's by a fairly obscure singer since Googling the lyrics didn't help me any and it was on a college radio station. Sound familiar to anyone?
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Can someone give me some info on this video? [02 Jun 2010|03:57pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

This is a mash-up I found that has a weird and oddly good song dubbed over a Justin Bieber video. Does anyone know who did this and how?



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Castle promo song [20 Jan 2010|08:56pm]

Reposting for better luck?

The song used in this Castle promo is driving me crazy -- I can't for my life identify it.

It starts about 5 seconds in. After that, the only words I've been able to make out are around 17 seconds, he sings "You take/took/(something) a little piece of my heart." Google search turns up nothing but Early Man (not it), Reshmonu (very not it) and of course Janis Joplin (extremely super absolutely not it).

Can anyone help? Know the song? Artist? The lyrics at the end of the clip? Anything??
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[30 Nov 2009|11:04pm]

Whats the song from the start of the Criminal Minds episode ""Sex, Birth, Death"? Its from season 2 its episode 11.
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